L & S Wild Game Processing & Pricing

Moose (Bull) $350.00 (Cow) $300.00 ------- -Skinning $40.00

Elk $300 ---------- Skinning $40.00

Deer $110.00 ------- Skinning $35.00

Antelope $85.00 ----- Skinning $25.00

Extra Charge for Caping:

Bulk Sausage: $2.50 per Lb (Brk, Brk x, Hot Italian)

Link Sausgae: $3.50

Ask about our other speciality items:

We accept all major CC and Debit Cards, there is a 4% extra charge for these card.

All animalsmust be clean when brought in or there is be an $50 cleaning charge.

Any animals that is spoiled there will be a $25 disposal charge.

Rush Job charges: $50 on Deer and $100 on Elk

We use WILDGAME TRANSPORT OUT OF CO. for all shipping needs.

If you prefer a different shipping method you wil be responsible for your own shippng.